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The purpose of the Chaplaincy's Pilgrimage program is to help students grow in their faith, to deepen religious life on campus, and to learn from others in communities around the world filled with pain and hope.

2015 Pilgrimage: Poland

The 2015 Pilgrimage: Poland team produced a series of videos to share their experiences, reflections, and lingering questions with a hope of inspiring others to do the same. With a focus on academic growth, emotional reflections, and spiritual development, these videos give insight into the importantance of this experience to the team.

Javier Cifuentes-Garzaro, ’17
Andrew Geha, ’18
Daniel Heifetz, ’17
Sharon Lim, ’16
Ivana Marshall, ’17
Cara Saval, ’18
Jacob Shapiro, ’16
Maddie Wittich, ’17
Rabbi Andrew Goodman, Chaplaincy
Molly Field, Chaplaincy
Dean Juliette Landphair, Westhampton College

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