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Care and Support

The Office of the Chaplaincy seeks to walk alongside students and community members during times of joy and sadness. Chaplaincy staff members are available for pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and prayer. All members of the University of Richmond community are welcome, including those of all faith backgrounds and those with no faith or spiritual background.

Pastoral Care

At times, the circumstances of life present challenges that raise questions, instill doubts, and cause heartache. In these moments, you may find it helpful to talk with someone trained in matters of faith who can offer compassion and guidance amidst your struggle. If you are experiencing a personal crisis, or going through a difficult time, Chaplaincy staff are available to meet with you to provide support and care.

Sacred Spaces

Silence and prayer are helpful practices in caring for the soul, and our campus provides a variety of sacred spaces to meet the needs of our faculty, staff, and students. We invite you to utilize these spaces for prayer and personal growth: Cannon Memorial Chapel, the Babb Family Prayer Room in Cannon Chapel, the Dr. David Burhans Inter-Religious Prayer Room, and the Columbarium Garden.

Scheduling an Appointment

The Office of the Chaplaincy is housed in the Wilton Center, which is located between the Chapel and Tyler Hanes Commons. To schedule an appointment, visit our office, or contact one of our staff members directly.