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Pilgrimage: Acadia Recommendation

Recommendations are due by 11:59 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 1st.

Pilgrimage: Acadia inherently possesses a contemplative component, as students are asked to reflect upon their beliefs and consider their spiritual journey. Participants also discuss their understanding of spirituality within a diverse context and are expected to demonstrate respect and understanding for those who have both similar and different beliefs and practices. The pilgrimage experience includes travel to Acadia National Park in which students will hike and camp within a variety of terrain. Please bear this context in mind as you respond to the following questions regarding the applicant.





Name of student:

Relationship to student:

How well does this student communicate with people who hold different perspectives?

How have you seen this student demonstrate a capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness?

Knowing this applicant and the programmatic goals of this pilgrimage, describe why you think that this student is a good fit for the program.

Please describe the student's personal, social, and emotional maturity.

Is there additional information about this student that you feel is relevant to share?

Questions? Contact:

Jamie Haskins 
Chaplain for Spiritual Life