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Pilgrimage: United Kingdom Application

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Fri., Nov. 1.

Student Information

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Will you be 18 years of age at the time of travel (May 11-20, 2020)?  Yes No
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Please list any international travel, living, or study-abroad experience, including location, duration, and purpose of trip.

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Short answer questions

Answer the following questions in a few brief paragraphs.

Share your reasons for applying to this particular pilgrimage to Northern England and Scotland.

How will this experience inform your time at the University of Richmond? How do you hope to use the knowledge and experience you gain on campus and beyond? 

Describe an experience in which you have engaged with an individual from a different faith background or denomination. What did you learn about yourself through this encounter?

The pilgrimage course and travel intensive provide a unique opportunity to cultivate practices that will enrich your spiritual life. Describe what spiritual practices are already a part of your daily life and which ones you hope to develop through participation in this pilgrimage program.

The travel intensive at the conclusion of this pilgrimage course involves a walking tour spanning 62.5 miles. Participants will engage in daily hikes of six to twelve miles that require a degree of physical fitness. How will you prepare for the walking portion of the pilgrimage?


Each applicant is required to obtain two recommendations. Please provide contact information for these individuals below. At least one recommendation should be a professor or university staff person. Student recommendations will not be considered among the two required recommendations. 

Applicants are responsible for contacting the individuals who will be completing their recommendations and providing them a link to the recommendation form. All forms are due by the application deadline, 11:59 p.m. on Fri., Nov. 1. Applicants whose recommendation letters have not been received by this date will not be considered for participation in the pilgrimage.

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Commitment of Participation

Please read the Pilgrimage program expectations and sign below.

I have read and understand the Pilgrimage expectations. I understand the team, time commitment, spiritual, and financial commitment involved with being a Pilgrimage participant. I am prepared to make a full commitment to the program.

Typing your name and the date will serve as your electronic signature.

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Questions? Contact:

Bryn Bagby Taylor 
Associate University Chaplain