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"Consider This" Dinner Series

A dinner series where participants discuss questions relevant to our work and study in higher education. A selected faculty or staff member facilitates the dinner discussion and faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to participate in each dinner. The facilitator chooses a question to focus the discussion, and participants are asked to read a selected article on the topic prior to the dinner.

This program will resume in fall 2017.

Past Dinner Series Themes


Where is soul in liberal education?
Facilitator: Sydney Watts, History

What role does the university play in cultivating students of virtue?
Facilitator: Scott Allison, Psychology

How do stories shape the life of the university community?
Facilitator: Scott Johnson, Rhetoric and Communication Studies


How can I live as a person of ethical integrity and remain sensitive to the suffering of others in the context of a corrupt society?
Facilitator: Thad Williamson, Leadership Studies

How does nonconformity shape our university community?
Facilitator: Laine Briddell, Sociology and Anthropology

What is the civic commitment of the university?
Facilitator: Sylvia Gale, Center for Civic Engagement

What is the value of a college education?
Facilitator:  Dan Palazzolo, Political Science

How do you live with no regrets?
Facilitator: Linda Hobgood, Rhetoric and Communication Studies

How can we more clearly link our campus trajectories related to diversity and civic engagement?
Facilitator: Glyn Hughes, Office of Common Ground, Sociology & Anthropology, and WGSS


Do we have to forget to truly forgive?
Facilitator: Tom Mullen, Journalism

How do we forgive ourselves?
Facilitator: Louis Schwartz, English

How does the practice of forgiveness inform civil society?
Facilitator: Mary Tate, Law

Racism without racists: What are the implications of a colorblind ideology for intergroup relations?
Facilitator: Crystal Hoyt, Leadership & WGSS

Why do we ask for forgiveness?
Facilitator: Del McWhorter, Philosophy & WGSS

In what respects is debt forgiveness moral or immoral?
Facilitator: Jonathan Wight, Economics


Cultures of honor in universities: Possibilities and obstacles
Facilitator: Rob Phillips, Management & PPEL

Money, meaning, and sex: What shouldn't money buy (and why not)?
Facilitator: David Lefkowitz, Philosophy & PPEL

What is the role of the humanities in public life?
Facilitator: Amy Howard, Center for Civic Engagement & American Studies


The Culture of honor at the University: The tip that warns of a tipping point
Facilitator: Andy Litteral, Management

What is literature for? The ethics of reading
Facilitator: Lidia Radi, French & Italian

What is the role of science in a liberal education?
Facilitator: Bill Myers, Chemistry

Is humanitarian intervention always humane?
Facilitator: Sandra Joireman, Political Science & International Studies

The head and the heart in academic writing
Facilitator: Shari Motro, Law

What is the purpose of general education?
Facilitator: Nicole Sackley, History & American Studies


Speaking out when our values are at stake: How, when, and why?
Facilitator: Paul Achter, Rhetoric & Communication Studies

The Man Box and its implications on society: Fostering authentic masculinity in Guyland
Facilitator: Joe Boehman, Dean of Richmond College

On Composing A Life
Facilitator: Jan French, Sociology & Anthropology

The Role of Libraries in a Liberal Arts Education
Facilitator: Kevin Butterfield
, University Librarian