Inter-Religious Prayer Room

A unique space for the University of Richmond community, the Inter-Religious Prayer Room, located in the Wilton Center, is a place of prayer, reflection, and meditation for people of all religious traditions. This special space is named for Chaplain Emeritus David D. Burhans, who served the University for 30 years.

Although the room appears empty, the credenzas were designed to store sacred objects from many world religions and, when opened, become resources for worship by members of diverse religious traditions.

Currently the space is used on a regular basis by those of the Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, and Jewish faiths. However, when the prayer space is not reserved, it is open to any members of the University community for prayer or thought in a safe and welcoming place.

For more information on the prayer room schedule, please contact Bryn Taylor in the Office of the Chaplaincy.