Summer Internships

The Office of the Chaplaincy provides funding up to $5,000 for select students to complete summer internships as a means of helping students integrate their spiritual commitments with their professional aspirations. These internships are intended to deepen students' faith or spirituality in a tangible way and to provide opportunities to work in a field of service that they are considering as a vocation.

The internships may be in a faith-based or non-profit organization or within a community of worship or other religious institution. Students work 40 hours a week for six to 10 weeks, totaling 240 to 400 hours. In addition, students are required to attend two orientation sessions; complete readings and reflection papers; meet regularly in person or via Skype with a Chaplaincy mentor; prepare a final paper, and participate in donor acknowledgment.

Students who are considering applying to the program are encouraged to contact a Chaplaincy staff member to schedule a meeting. Chaplaincy staff are available to help students discern potential internship sites. Students interested in applying should also review the internship guidelines as well as the application requirements and the step-by-step application process in SpiderConnect.

Students who are pursuing internships that are both outside of the U.S. and outside of their home country are eligible for Weinstein Summer Grant support for travel expenses. In order to be eligible, you must submit both a UR Summer Fellowship application to one of the five internship programs AND an application to the Weinstein Summer Grant program. Weinstein grants are awarded on a merit basis and do not fall under the Richmond Guarantee.

Chaplaincy Summer Internships are one of the eight programs that comprise UR Summer Fellowships.

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