Pilgrimage: San Francisco

Mon., May 13-Fri., May 17, 2024

The Program

Pilgrimage: San Francisco is a May pilgrimage to the San Francisco Bay Area that invites pilgrims to discover the expansiveness of spirituality through meditation, silence, and the beautiful landscapes of both the Point Reyes Peninsula and the city of San Francisco. The program involves a spring semester half-unit course that introduces students to the spiritual practices of silence and meditation and considers the spiritual history and social movements of the region. Exploring what it means to live lives of meaning and purpose, Pilgrims will encounter spirituality in both the rugged beauty and urban landscapes of the Bay Area as they examine the rich spiritual practices of silence, meditation, and social justice.


The program is open to full-time, continuing undergraduate students. Those who identify as spiritual but not religious, spiritual seekers, and students from all faith or no faith backgrounds are welcome to apply.

Applicants selected for the pilgrimage team will be required to enroll and participate in a half-unit course that meets weekly throughout the spring semester. The course will be a means to explore spiritual practices and the spiritual history of the area and to build friendships within the team. The spring 2024 class will be held from 10:30-11:45 a.m. every Friday. Applicants for Pilgrimage: San Francisco are encouraged to reserve this time in their spring semester course schedules.


The Office of the Chaplaincy will cover all expenses related to the program. Students will be expected to contribute the gift of their time, attention, and commitment to the program as well as any money needed for gifts and other personal items. 


The pilgrimage team will travel by air to San Francisco. We will then travel to the Point Reyes Peninsula where we will stay at St. Columba's Inverness, a retreat center nestled in the forested hills overlooking Tomales Bay. Meals will be on-site at the retreat center or in San Francisco during our time in the city.


The pilgrimage will be co-led by Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life & Communications Director, and Kevin Heffernan, Buddhist Campus Minister.