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"Consider This" Dinner Series

A dinner series where participants gather to consider life's big questions, discussing spirituality, religion and what it means to live as people with or without a professed faith tradition. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to participate in each dinner. It is a time to be community, engage in meaningful conversation, and consider the beliefs and commitments at the heart of our work here at the University of Richmond.

Past Dinner Series Themes


Where is soul in liberal education?
Facilitator: Sydney Watts, History

What role does the university play in cultivating students of virtue?
Facilitator: Scott Allison, Psychology

How do stories shape the life of the university community?
Facilitator: Scott Johnson, Rhetoric and Communication Studies


How can I live as a person of ethical integrity and remain sensitive to the suffering of others in the context of a corrupt society?
Facilitator: Thad Williamson, Leadership Studies

How does nonconformity shape our university community?
Facilitator: Laine Briddell, Sociology and Anthropology

What is the civic commitment of the university?
Facilitator: Sylvia Gale, Center for Civic Engagement

What is the value of a college education?
Facilitator:  Dan Palazzolo, Political Science

How do you live with no regrets?
Facilitator: Linda Hobgood, Rhetoric and Communication Studies

How can we more clearly link our campus trajectories related to diversity and civic engagement?
Facilitator: Glyn Hughes, Office of Common Ground, Sociology & Anthropology, and WGSS


Do we have to forget to truly forgive?
Facilitator: Tom Mullen, Journalism

How do we forgive ourselves?
Facilitator: Louis Schwartz, English

How does the practice of forgiveness inform civil society?
Facilitator: Mary Tate, Law

Racism without racists: What are the implications of a colorblind ideology for intergroup relations?
Facilitator: Crystal Hoyt, Leadership & WGSS

Why do we ask for forgiveness?
Facilitator: Del McWhorter, Philosophy & WGSS

In what respects is debt forgiveness moral or immoral?
Facilitator: Jonathan Wight, Economics


Cultures of honor in universities: Possibilities and obstacles
Facilitator: Rob Phillips, Management & PPEL

Money, meaning, and sex: What shouldn't money buy (and why not)?
Facilitator: David Lefkowitz, Philosophy & PPEL

What is the role of the humanities in public life?
Facilitator: Amy Howard, Center for Civic Engagement & American Studies


The Culture of honor at the University: The tip that warns of a tipping point
Facilitator: Andy Litteral, Management

What is literature for? The ethics of reading
Facilitator: Lidia Radi, French & Italian

What is the role of science in a liberal education?
Facilitator: Bill Myers, Chemistry

Is humanitarian intervention always humane?
Facilitator: Sandra Joireman, Political Science & International Studies

The head and the heart in academic writing
Facilitator: Shari Motro, Law

What is the purpose of general education?
Facilitator: Nicole Sackley, History & American Studies


Speaking out when our values are at stake: How, when, and why?
Facilitator: Paul Achter, Rhetoric & Communication Studies

The Man Box and its implications on society: Fostering authentic masculinity in Guyland
Facilitator: Joe Boehman, Dean of Richmond College

On Composing A Life
Facilitator: Jan French, Sociology & Anthropology

The Role of Libraries in a Liberal Arts Education
Facilitator: Kevin Butterfield
, University Librarian


What is spirituality? How does it shape our lives? 

Facilitator: Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life 

The Intersection of Spirituality, Sexuality and Gender Identity 

Facilitators: Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life & Lee Dyer, Associate Director of Common Ground & LGBTQ Campus Life

Exploring the Relationship Between Faith, Spirituality and Social Justice 

Facilitators: Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life & Blake StackAssistant Director, Student Engagement and the Bonner Scholars Program


Sustainability & Spirituality 

Facilitators: Rob Andrejewski, Director of Sustainability, and Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life

The Intersection of Climate Change & Faith 

Facilitators: Cassandra Troy, Sustainability, Communications & Engagement Specialist and Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life