First-Year Community Group

Thursdays, August 31-October 12, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Wilton Center Pathways Lounge

Are you a first-year student looking for an opportunity for community? Would you like to explore how your beliefs fit into the college environment? 

The Community Group will be facilitated by Associate Chaplain Bryn Taylor and sophomores, juniors and seniors involved in Christian life on campus. We'll focus on the topics listed below, but also hold space and time to explore what questions may be on your mind as you settle in at the University of Richmond. 

All first-year students are welcome. You may attend one, some, or all sessions. No registration is required.  

August 31: Navigating Transition
Beginning college is a significant time of change – leaving behind friends and family, meeting new people, living in a different place, starting classes, joining organizations, and finding a faith community.  Navigating this transition can be challenging, and having a group of friends to support you can make all the difference. Join us as we discuss the ups and downs of starting college and how faith sustains and guides us through this transition.

September 7: Forming Relationships
College is an opportunity to engage in a variety of relationships.  How do we share living space with someone when we are so different?  How do we manage friendships with people here and back home? Join us as we discuss how to give your best to the different relationships in which you are engaged.

September 14: Finding Balance
College classes can be rigorous and demanding.  How can we get involved in organizations we care about and still have time for homework and friends? How do we give back to our community and keep up with our class requirements?  Join us as we discuss how to find balance amidst the intensity of college commitments.

September 21: Exploring Faith
College is an opportunity to explore our beliefs. What are the core values and faith commitments that influence our decisions each day? Join us as we discuss our faith backgrounds and how they shape our lives.

September 28: Cultivating Spirituality
College life is fast-paced, and carving out time to rest and re-charge is challenging.  How do we develop practices that will nurture our spirituality? Join us as we discuss and engage in practices to care for our souls and connect with the sacred.

October 5: Discerning Calling
Registration for spring classes raises questions about our potential major. How do we figure out a major–let alone what we want to do with our lives?  How do we connect our interests, talents and skills with our career plans?  Join us as we discuss vocation and discern our callings both present and future.

October 12: Group dinner at a local restaurant