Pilgrimage: Arizona

Oct. 8, 2021-Oct., 12, 2021

The Program

Pilgrimage: Arizona is a Fall Break pilgrimage to the desert Southwest. Set amidst the stark beauty of the Santa Catalina Mountains, participants are invited into a deep study of three ancient spiritual practices: yoga, meditation and contemplative silence. Home to the Hohokam and later the O'odham peoples, this area has offered a site for spiritual reflection and renewal for at least the last 5,000 years. On this four-day, three-night pilgrimage, we will immerse ourselves in the spirituality of the land and its indigenous inhabitants while also exploring spiritual practices central to several world religions.

The pilgrimage includes a six-week small group study that considers the intersection of spirituality, wellness, and our connection to nature. We will rely upon meditation, yoga, silence and journaling as our primary modes of reflection and glean wisdom from the spirituality of the Hohokam and O'odham peoples in addition to other spiritual traditions. Considering what it means to live lives of meaning and purpose, we will explore the mountains and deserts of Arizona as we examine our own spiritual roots.


This pilgrimage is open to all students. Those who identify as spiritual but not religious, spiritual seekers and students from all faith or no faith backgrounds are welcome to apply. Students selected will be required to attend all group meetings. Post-trip activities will help students integrate the experience and apply lessons learned to life at the University of Richmond and beyond.


The Office of the Chaplaincy will cover all expenses related to the program. Students will be expected to contribute the gift of their time, attention, and commitment to the program as well as any money needed for gifts and other personal items.


The pilgrimage will be led by Jamie Lynn Haskins, Chaplain for Spiritual Life and Waleed Ilyas, Muslim Chaplain.

For More Information

Contact Jamie Lynn Haskins at jhaskins@richmond.edu or visit our website at chaplaincy.richmond.edu.