Kairos Contemplative Christian Service

Tuesday evenings, 8 p.m.
Cannon Memorial Chapel

Kairos is a weekly service that offers students sacred time to reflect on life's deepest questions. Led by members of the Chaplaincy staff and students who serve on the Kairos Leadership Team, the service includes scripture, hymns, contemporary music, prayer and candle lighting. Each service focuses on a theme and question that help students to consider their lives and their relationship to the world around them in light of their faith.

Spring 2022 Kairos Themes and Questions

January 11 — Approach: How do we study God?

January 18 — Progress: What should we do with our righteous anger?

January 25 — Change: How is God calling us to improve our campus community?

February 1 — Welcome: How do we make Christianity a religion of refuge?

February 8 — Sexuality: How can we celebrate all of God's creation?

February 15 — Love: How do we value our relationships with others?

February 22 — Courage: How do we share our faith without alienating others?

March 1 — Injustice: How do I live with evil in the world?

March 15 — Perseverance: How can our faith be a source of strength amidst adversity?

March 22 — Wisdom: How do we grow in grace?

March 29 — Doubt: How can we find peace in the questioning?

April 5 — Purpose: What gifts has God given me?

April 12 — Renewal: How do we live in the hope of the resurrection?

April 19 — Preparation: How do I carry my faith into my next steps?

For additional information or to join the weekly e-mail list, please contact Bryn Taylor, Associate Chaplain.