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Kairos Contemplative Christian Service

Tuesday evenings, 8-8:30 p.m., Cannon Memorial Chapel

Kairos is a weekly service that offers students sacred time to reflect on life's deepest questions. Led by members of the Chaplaincy staff and students who serve on the Kairos Leadership Team, the 30-minute service includes scripture, hymns, contemporary music, prayer and candle lighting. Each service focuses on a theme and question that help students to consider their lives and their relationship to the world around them in light of their faith. During the fall semester, we are exploring the Psalms.

Fall 2018 Kairos Themes and Questions

August 28-Choices: How can I live in right relationship with God? (Psalm 1)

September 4-Constancy: How can God be my home no matter where I go? (Psalm 84)

September 11-Injustice: How do I live with evil in the world? (Psalm 37:1-11)

September 18-Awe: How do we respond to God’s power in creation? (Psalm 97)

September 25-Loneliness: How do I know God is with me? (Psalm 139:1-14)

October 2-Confession: How do I face my own shortcomings? (Psalm 51)

October 9-Adversity: How do I trust in the Lord in times of hardship? (Psalm 40)

October 23-Justice: How do I realize God’s kingdom on earth? (Psalm 72:1-7)

October 30-Refuge: How do we find stillness and peace in God? (Psalm 46)

November 6-Fear: How can I find strength when life is hard? (Psalm 27:1-5)

November 13-Trouble: How does God answer our prayers? (Psalm 20)

November 27-Blessings: How do we rejoice in God’s gifts? (Psalm 103:1-13)

December 4-Incarnation: How do we make God’s love visible? (Psalm 146)