Kairos Contemplative Christian Service

Tuesday evenings, 8 p.m.
Cannon Memorial Chapel

Kairos is a weekly service that offers students sacred time to reflect on life's deepest questions. Led by members of the Chaplaincy staff and students who serve on the Kairos Leadership Team, the service includes scripture, hymns, contemporary music, prayer and candle lighting. Each service focuses on a theme and question that help students to consider their lives and their relationship to the world around them in light of their faith.

Fall 2021 Kairos Themes and Questions

August 24 ~ Encounter: How do we recognize God's presence on campus?

August 31 ~ Curiosity: How do we continue our spiritual journeys in college?

September 7 ~ Transition: How do we find stability in the midst of change?

September 14 ~ Interpretation: How do we engage with the "hard parts" of faith?

September 21 ~ Expression: How do we understand sexuality in light of our faith?

September 28 ~ Community: How do we love people we disagree with?

October 5 ~ Resetting: How can we find time to nourish our souls?

October 19 ~ Continuity: How can we apply the Bible in modern times?

October 26 ~ Justice: How do we participate in creating change in our world?

November 2 ~ Dialogue: How can we engage with other beliefs?

November 9 ~ Compassion: What does it look like to love thy neighbor?

November 16 ~ Gratitude: How can we give thanks amidst trials?

November 30 ~ Humility: How do we maintain a position of awe for God?

For additional information or to join the weekly e-mail list, please contact Bryn Taylor, Associate Chaplain.