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Campus Ministries

Campus ministries provide the perfect opportunity for students to stay connected with their faith tradition, meet new people, and engage more deeply in their community.

The University of Richmond is home to numerous campus ministries representing a variety of world religious traditions. Each ministry develops its own programming and outreach, contributing to the diverse spiritual and cultural life of our campus.

We encourage you to get involved with a ministry that is right for you. If you have any questions about our campus ministries please contact Andrew Sharp, Program Specialist for Multifaith Initiatives, at, or the designated contact for each ministry as listed below.

Agape Fellowship

Rob Hodous

Rob Hodous, Campus Minister
Wilton Center Room 105
(804) 289-8446

Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Rusty Lee

BCM on Facebook

Join us for small group every Thursday at 7:30pm in the Pathways Lounge in the Wilton Center.

Catholic Campus Ministry


The Rev. Mr. Tom Mullen, Director of Catholic Life
Wilton Center Room 211
(804) 289-8447


Episcopal Campus Ministry

The Rev. Dr. Brent Melton 
Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints Episcopal Church

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

brenda davis

Brenda Davis, Campus Minister
(804) 240-8484

Michael Stock

Michael Stock, Campus Minister
(804) 221-1291

Visit FCA on the web

Greek IV

Rob Hodous

Rob Hodous, Campus Minister
Wilton Center Room 105
(804) 289-8446


josh jeffreys

Josh Jeffreys, Interim Jewish Life Advisor
Wilton Center
(804) 289-8500

brian strauss

Brian Strauss, Interim Jewish Life Advisor
Wilton Center
(804) 289-8500 

Hillel On Facebook


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Rob Hodous

Rob Hodous, Campus Minister
Wilton Center Room 105
(804) 289-8446

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship On Facebook

Follow us on Twitter: @URInterVarsity, #ivURichmond

Mormon Campus Ministry

andy spalding

Andy Spalding, Campus Minister
(224) 612-1040

Muslim Students' Association

waleed ilyas

Waleed Ilyas, Muslim Life Program Coordinator
Wilton Center Room 210
(804) 289-8500 

Muslim Students' Association On Facebook


Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Nicholas Bacalis

Fr. Nicholas Bacalis, Campus Minister
(804) 467-6111

Dean Tiggas

Dean Tiggas, Campus Minister
(804) 467-6111

We welcome you to our Sunday service at 9:30 a.m. at Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Presbyterian Fellowship

Presbyterian Campus Ministry seeks to connect students to God and to one another. Through fellowship, Bible study, and service opportunities, students are given opportunities to explore and deepen faith in a safe and welcoming environment.

Rev. Ray Roberts

Rev. Ray Roberts

Lee Ann McGhee

River Road Presbyterian Church

United Methodist Campus Ministry


Kelley Lane, Campus Minister
(804) 389-0879

Website for Reveille United Methodist Church:

Young Life

Casey Doyle

Casey Doyle, Campus Minister

Connect with Young Life on Facebook

Visit Young Life on the web

The Covenant of Mutual Understanding

As part of our mission, each campus minister signs The Covenant of Mutual Respect and Understanding. By doing so, we work to uphold the University's commitment to moral and spiritual values in an atmosphere free of sectarian bias, inviting and serving individuals of all faiths and persuasions.