Jewish Life

The Jewish Life Program at the University of Richmond is a pluralistic organization for Jewish students to explore their religious, cultural, and spiritual identities among the backdrop of an elite liberal arts campus. As part of the Office of the Chaplaincy, the program is committed to a multifaceted approach to Judaism that welcomes students of all backgrounds, and empowers them to lead meaningful lives informed by Jewish values and tradition. Jewish Life at Richmond recognizes that each person celebrates their Jewishness in unique ways, and invites them to be a part of crafting Jewish community together.

There are opportunities for dynamic ritual observance, Torah study, social action engagement, social programming, and connection to Israel. All of this will be to further the goals of enhancing Jewish community, deepening spirituality, exploring culture, and engaging with the Richmond community.

Please contact Josh Jeffreys, Jewish Chaplain and Director of Religious Life, for more information or with any questions.