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Debbie Barkley Spirit Award

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The Debbie Barkley Spirit Award recognizes a student(s) that has shown exceptional faithfulness in the midst of adversity and a willingness to serve others. This award was created to honor the life and example of Debbie Barkley, a Westhampton College alumna and past president of our Chapel Guild. Debbie died unexpectedly in December 2009, after a courageous struggle with cancer. Debbie was a light to others and an example of deep faith in the midst of great challenge.

The Debbie Barkley Spirit Award was established by her husband, Bob, to carry on her memory and to recognize the strength of the human spirit in students at the University of Richmond. The award will be given one or more students each year who exemplify the following:

  • deep commitment to their faith,
  • courage in the face of personal adversity,
  • service to others.

To nominate a student, please fill out this form, providing examples of the three criteria and explaining why the student would be an excellent recipient of the Debbie Barkley Spirit Award. All nominations will be due to the Chaplaincy Office no later than Friday, February 22.

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